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7 visuals that will make you more successful.

It’s a new week and new month – seize it!

And ♻ repost to help your network do the same.

These 7 graphics illustrate 3 keys to success:
↳Action over inaction
↳Continuous improvement

1) Now beats waiting
↳The perfect time will NEVER come
↳Act TODAY and focus only on getting better each time

2) “Inch by inch, everything’s a cinch”
↳Don’t get overwhelmed by everything on your Monday list
↳Just take one step – lock in one win

3) Discipline beats talent
↳Winners win by showing up consistently
↳Show up, get better, repeat – that’s all you need

4) Thoughts vs. reality
↳Face your toughest task head on
↳Starting is always hardest – once you do, you’ll see it’s not so bad

5) Your time follows your attention
↳Time is your most valuable asset by FAR
↳Act like it: Eliminate unnecessary distractions ruthlessly

6) Motion vs. action
↳Not all tasks are created equal
↳Focus on your big priorities BEFORE your inbox and distractions

7) Failure builds success
↳Experts become successful by failing again and again
↳Go try that hard thing – failing is good news, sitting out is the only bad news

A new week and month are a fresh start to put these into practice.

Go get busy, learn as you go, and repeat.

That’s the secret to success.

Awesome visuals by: @melodie_tld, Liz Fosslien, and @WisdomMadeEasy

Which is your favorite?

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