Blue Energy Strategic Planning

Indonesia is one of the largest countries in the world in size, population, natural resources and
energy consumption. In response to the climate emergency, Indonesia has committed to a carbon
energy transition. Delivery will partly be determined by the resources available and technology
readiness. Like many other countries, Indonesia first assessed its land and freshwater resources to
identify the available renewable options. As an archipelagic nation, Indonesia has abundant marine
or blue energy resources. As technology to exploit blue energy sources matures, the potential
for blue energy complementing land-based energy in Indonesia’s future energy mix becomes
more tangible. The study aims to identify blue energy hot spots in Indonesia with the greatest
development potential and begin to develop a cost-effective delivery strategy.
The mapped speculative potential of blue energy output is expected to lay the initial foundation in
strategic planning for estimating blue energy resource options for exploitation. This initial mapping
is anticipated to provide a high-level overview of the extent of blue energy resources available in
Indonesia. In the move towards piloting blue energy, pre-feasibility studies are needed to verify
the technical potential of the identified locations. This analysis is expected to inform discussions
on how Indonesia can best address the climate emergency and provide a reference for developing
subsequent plans.

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