Global Hydrogen Development

This report covers the following three areas as defined by MENTARI as inputs for the Ministry of
Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR) report:

  1. Nomenclature of different hydrogen technology under international standards
    This section suggests a definition and standard for ‘green hydrogen’ for the Ministry of Energy
    and Mineral Resources (MEMR) to consider. Several countries are starting to define standards
    for hydrogen developed from various sources including renewable energy (geothermal, wind
    and solar), gas, coal and nuclear. A standardisation of hydrogen colours will be assessed as
    well as a proposed alternative to hydrogen colours. The leading countries are starting to define
    what is meant by green hydrogen and we review these elements in this report.
  2. Projection of global hydrogen demand and market growth
    Many countries are making great strides in developing hydrogen in different regions. The
    main leaders for hydrogen development currently are China, the United States, the United
    Kingdom, Australia, Japan and Germany. The rate of progress in each of these countries will be
    highlighted as well as progress on their hydrogen roadmaps.
  3. Hydrogen technology improvement, costs and maturity
    This section assesses the different hydrogen production methods and the associated equipment,
    including electrolysers and fuel cells. We will also gauge the maturity of the hydrogen methods
    and associated equipment.
    This research draws on different sources to gain an insight into how the situation will develop
    within Indonesia.

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