Guide for Adaptation and Resilience Finance

Economic losses from natural hazards and climate-related disasters are estimated to cost more than USD 330 billion per year, and this figure is just the tip of the iceberg of the real uncounted costs on people’s lives. Yet, less than 10% of all climate finance is allocated to adaptation. The global adaptation financing gap is widening, and current levels of funding remain well below the estimated USD 212 billion per year needed through to 2030 in developing countries alone.

To scale up financing for prevention, UNDRR, Standard Chartered Bank, and KPMG have set up a practical roadmap to unlock private sector capital flows into adaptation and resilience. The Guide for Adaptation and Resilience Finance identifies over 100 investable activities, such as vertical farming, natural flood protection, water conservation and efficiency measures, public hospital infrastructure investment, renewable energy storage solutions, and mangrove conservation and replanting.


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