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International Lessons Learnt on Developing a National Hydrogen Roadmap

This report assesses the lessons learnt from the United Kingdom (UK) and other countries on building a hydrogen roadmap and unlocking investment in the development of hydrogen. In particular, we explore the following two issues:

  • Lessons learned and best practices from the UK and other countries on developing a hydrogen roadmap;
  • Assessments of the different mechanisms for establishing a hydrogen economy.
    Hydrogen roadmaps are still in their earliest days with most countries only developing them in the last two years. This makes it difficult to assess how successful they are. The UK roadmap is the main example we look at in this section since Ricardo is based in the UK and we have a good understanding of the situation as we are supporting the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) in delivering parts of their programme. We highlight some elements that have been done well and some areas that could be improved. This section also touches on the idea of hydrogen valleys or clusters as they are important in establishing hydrogen.

In this report we also assess different ways of funding these developments with an emphasis on subsidy mechanisms and demonstration funding. The aim of this task is to:
» Indicate how a hydrogen strategy can be developed in Indonesia;
» Gather best practice methods from other countries;
» Describe potential pitfalls when moving to new projects.

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