Philosophical Analysis

The main aim of this research is to reveal the philosophical foundations of the concept of sustainable development. The scope of this research includes an analysis of the philosophical meaning of the concept of sustainable development, focusing on the synergy of metaphysical, ethical, and ecological parameters of this concept. To provide a deeper understanding of different opinions and approaches to sustainable development, this study will interpret various theoretical perspectives on sustainable development as well as different philosophical theories and their relation to sustainable development.

The concept of sustainable development concerns not only the wellbeing of people but also the world where humans live. Therefore, sustainable development can be understood as a holistic philosophy that integrates classical philosophical perspectives and harmonizes the activities of economic, sociopolitical, and ecological systems. This article raises specific tasks:

  1. To analyze the literature and reveal the philosophical context of the formation of the concept of sustainable development.
  2. To analyze classical ethical philosophical theories and argue their significance for the concept of sustainable development.
  3. To analyze a holistic philosophical approach and argue its significance for the concept of sustainable development.

By addressing these tasks, the research aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the philosophical underpinnings of sustainable development, illustrating how various philosophical frameworks contribute to its conceptualization and application.

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