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DML has contributed to the increased awareness, knowledge, and participation of people in planning and affecting the policy making process in environmental development in Indonesia. The services (products) that have been offered include books, policy brief, conference, seminar, and modules.

When it was first established, DML had strongly been determined to serve as the center of funding source for non-government organizations (NGOs) to develop and improve the environment in Indonesia. However, after the government enforced the policy on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for every company autonomously through the Government Regulation Number 47 Year 2021 concerning Corporate Social and Environment Responsibility, the DML’s role has evolved into a “connector” for the non-government organizations (NGOs) in accessing the funds for environmental development and preservation. In addition, DML has also been determined to serve as the connector (HUB) among, NGOs, Government, and Privates.

The type of services or products offered by DML include research, capacity strengthening, evidence based advocacy, counseling, publication, alternative media development, horizontal learning, and many more.

Profile DML (English)

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