Solutions for Climate Change Adaptation

The Green Technology Book 2022 is for anyone who has ever wondered about climate adaptation
technologies. It is for those seeking concrete solutions with which to adapt their crops, protect
their homes and prepare for the adverse impacts of climate change. It is for those curious
to know what adaptation technologies are available today and what in the near future – and
importantly how to access them. It is for those seeking to invest. It is also for those who design
our cities and buildings, and for those who lead our communities, cities and countries along a
more resilient path.
By drawing out examples of solutions, we aim to inspire action. The Green Technology Book is not
a comprehensive collection of all adaptation technologies. Nor does it cover all the areas where
adaptation technologies could be relevant. We have chosen instead to focus on three broad
areas where we believe climate change adaptation is and will be particularly critical. They are
Agriculture and forestry, Water and coastal regions, and Cities.
We welcome greater visibility for local innovation, especially from those countries most affected
by climate change. Often the best technology may not be the one on the market but the one
available locally but not widely known about, maybe reviving ancient skills and insights. The
Green Technology Book is more than a catalogue meant for inspiration but a living project where
everyone can contribute. The publication links to the free public WIPO GREEN Database of needs
and green technologies, where users can create a profile and share their climate solutions
and needs.

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