This methodology serves the purpose of aiding users in evaluating the sustainable development impacts stemming from policies and actions. These impacts encompass environmental, social, and economic dimensions, ranging from enhanced health due to reduced air pollution to job creation, poverty alleviation, improved energy access, and gender equality, among others.

It assists users in addressing key inquiries such as the anticipated sustainable development impacts of a specific policy or action, whether a policy or action is progressing as intended, and the impacts realized thus far.

Developed with several objectives in mind, including enabling the comprehensive assessment of relevant sustainable development impacts, assisting policymakers in devising effective strategies to attain sustainable development goals, and ensuring transparent reporting of impacts and policy effectiveness, this methodology accommodates diverse user objectives.

It supports endeavors such as advancing policies and actions that contribute to multiple Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and priorities, fostering public support for climate actions by assessing and communicating locally pertinent impacts, and guiding policy formulation and execution to maximize positive outcomes across various impact categories.

Primarily aimed at policymakers and analysts, this methodology facilitates the systematic evaluation of multiple sustainable development and climate change impacts to align with the objectives of both the SDGs and the Paris Agreement. Pre- and post-policy implementation assessments encompassing a broad spectrum of impacts can enhance policy effectiveness, longevity, societal benefits, and the attainment of climate and development goals.

Such assessments can integrate SDGs and climate targets into a cohesive process, for instance, by identifying and reporting on the sustainable development benefits resulting from actions undertaken to fulfill nationally determined contributions (NDCs) under the Paris Agreement. Furthermore, it can facilitate enhanced access to climate finance, given the incorporation of sustainable development priorities in international agreements such as the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the Paris Agreement, and initiatives like the Green Climate Fund.

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