The 10th World Water Forum Established Ministerial Declaration

Indonesia led a diplomatic victory for all at the 10th World Water Forum. The declaration was ratified at the end of the Ministerial Meeting, attended by 106 countries and 27 International Organizations. It includes three main agendas of Indonesia.

First, there is the proposal for World Lake Day. Second, there is the establishment of a Center of Excellence for water and climate resilience. Third, there is the issue of integrated water resource management on small islands. Another tangible outcome of this forum is the formulation of 113 projects, a testament to the practicality of the discussions.

These projects, valued at USD 9.4 billion, include initiatives to expedite the provision of drinking water for 3 million households and domestic wastewater management projects for 300,000 households. The 10th World Water Forum is held in Bali from May 18th to 25th, 2024. Let’s collaborate for our water today and for shared prosperity tomorrow

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