The City Energy Resilience Framework (CERF) guides cities in applying a resilience lens to their power system and working toward their overall energy transition and urban resilience goals. It incorporates key elements at the nexus of electricity infrastructure resilience, clean energy transition, equitable access to public services, effective emergency management and efficient recovery from shocks and stresses. CERF is an engagement tool to enable city governments to bring together stakeholders from various sectors to assess the gaps and challenges, as well as the goals and opportunities, for a more resilient energy system based on local policies, plans and initiatives. It aims to spark conversations, guided by examples from around the globe, about driving the uptake of energy solutions that have multiple benefits, which enhance the ability of urban communities to adapt, survive and thrive in the face of shocks and stresses.

  1. Systems : Operations and Management
  2. People : Endusers and Stakeholder
  3. Governance : Leadership and Strategy
  4. Resources : Infrastructure and Natural Resources

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