Turning Decarbonization from a Challenge into an Opportunity

Dear Executives,

Turning decarbonization from a challenge into an opportunity is a strategic issue for executives today.

The Institute for Environment and Sustainability (IES) – NUS Singapore will hold a FREE 3-day workshop (July 1-3, 2024) at the LKY School of Government NUS Singapore (in-person).

The objective of this workshop is to help executives create a Decarbonization Strategy as a New Innovation Advantage.

The program, valued at SGD 5,000 per participant, is free thanks to a world-scale foundation sponsor who wishes to remain anonymous. The workshop is limited to only 40 participants (first come, first served).

The program will be facilitated by Prof. Benjamin Cashore, Director of IES – LKYSPP NUS Singapore. Prof. Cashore is a world-leading expert in sustainability and decarbonization. Before joining NUS, Prof. Cashore was a professor of environment and sustainability at Yale University.

For those interested, please register with Ms. Dini Sandy (IES Deputy Head) at

Thank you.


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